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Hello, my name is Lee Vogelsong, and I would like to introduce myself and my family to you. I am a father of two daughters and two sons. I’ve been a dog trainer for over 30yrs,… in many people’s eyes they call me “ The Dog Whisperer”. I have over 25yrs experience in dog breeding as well. I have owned dogs All my life and dogs is something I have always been good with. The actual training of dogs has always come easy to me, from the very basics of basic obedience, to the more advanced of service & therapy dog training, scent detection, and even protection training. With this extensive knowledge of dogs and their development. That allows me to rear the most social, well rounded, happy puppies out there. (most breeders are NOT full time dog trainers)

In 1990, I was raising, training, and breeding AKC English Springer Spaniels. I was raising field and show quality dogs. During this time, I was doing a great deal of basic and advanced obedience training for all sorts of breeds and assisting folks in the training of their dogs in achieving Titles such as the “CGC” through AKC. During this time, I also owned a few other dog breeds, ranging from a Lab to a toy poodle, but this is also when I owned my first Cavalier, and I can truly say I will NEVER own or breed another dog again. They are an amazing breed, they are the best family/companion dog out there in the dog world. They were bred for one sole purpose, and that was to be the foot and lap warmers for King Charles, hence how they got their name, and that speaks volumes into how their energy and disposition is, because why they were created transitions into the Cavaliers of today.

In early 2000, I owned, not one but 3 Cavaliers. So it appeared to be on all levels a perfect match for me. I started out small, only breeding just 3 Cavaliers, creating my own unique little family. During this time, is when I expanded my training knowledge and began training Service and Therapy dogs for the disabled for a company out of Swanton Ohio called Assistance Dogs of America Inc. (ADAI), who has since merged with the Ability Center of Toledo Ohio, and altered their name to Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence Inc.(ADAI) This company primary uses Labs and Golden Retrievers, because one of the biggest needs a disabled person struggles with is retrieving items, and Labs and Goldens are best suited for that since it has been their purpose for centuries. Many people may not know this, but Cavaliers are considered by many to be a miniature Golden Retriever in temperament & disposition, and while Cavaliers are not well suited to do some physical work due to their size, they are phenomenal Therapy dogs, and one of the biggest reasons I decided to breed them.

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These dogs also provide assistance in opening and shutting doors, drawers, and cabinets, helping an individual get dressed, walking assistance, to even answering the telephone for an individual. If a dog doesn’t achieve Service dog status, it can achieve becoming a Therapy dog, and the opportunity is endless, and the biggest responsibility of a Therapy dog would be spreading Love and Doggie Kisses, and bringing smiles to people’s faces abroad. Especially in Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Disaster Situations. This is where our Cavaliers come in, while they are a small dog and could not perform all the duties of a Service Dog. They are perfectly suited to become a Therapy Dog because all Cavaliers enjoy spreading “Love and Doggie Kisses”, and they truly bring smiles to everyone’s faces everywhere we go. 

So this is how everything started, we started out small, continued to improve our Lines as our business and popularity have grown. We have truly invested our lives in this, and because of that, we have developed a breeding program of heavily Championed Cavaliers, offering them for sale for multiple purposes, from becoming a Show dog themselves, competing in small dog Agility, becoming a Therapy Dog, or just becoming that perfect family companion. We as a family will raise some of our own stock to also become Therapy dogs of the future, and I want to stress as a family because both I and our children have pursued achieving our certification in becoming certified Service Dog trainers as my husband has held for over 10yrs now. We love our Cavaliers and they truly are our life’s passion. Everything we do is hands-on, from the minute a puppy is born into this world, and when we incorporate the experience and skills from the training aspect into puppies we bring into the world. It truly provides our clients with a well rounded, very confident, well socialized, lifelong friend. This is our passion and preserving and protecting the Cavalier breed in our common goal as a family. So take a look at the website, review the services we offer, enjoy our dogs as we do, and if you have any questions, please contact us.


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